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Farm to Table... Red Grouse Farm works with nature to provide nutrient dense foods.  Most customers know us for our delicious strawberries that are grown organically in our chemical-free patch and for the sweet raw honey that the bees produce.

Customers enjoy picking strawberries and then taking a stroll around the farm to see the cattle, chickens, pigs and get a taste of farm living. Red Grouse Farm has sold beef and pork to family and friends for years, and we are excited to expand those products to you. 


Red Grouse Farm Strawberries are mid-season strawberries. Because our location is close to Lake Michigan, we start our picking season just a tad behind other strawberry farms.  Watch our Facebook page for details about the picking season.

They are delicous and worth the wait!

Grass fed & finished beef

Red Grouse Farm is thrilled to have our cattle on a grazing rotation. As we continued to research and learn about regenerative farming, we discovered holistic farming practices and are proud to be framing with nature. Rotational grazing not only healthy for the cattle, it also gives back to the soil.  Building healthy soil is important to us!

Other meats; pork, chicken, lamb, and rabbit

Red Grouse Farm raises pigs, chickens, and rabbits. Our pigs are fed cover crops along with all the weeds from the strawberry patch along iwith a side of non-GMO grains. We feed all our animals from crops grown here at Red Grouse Farm.  We know exactly how they are being fed and raised, and are proud to provide them for your table. Our lamb is also 100% grass fed and finished.

Raw Honey

It doesn't get any better than Raw Honey.  Nestled near the middle of our 185 acre farm are our bee hives.  The bees enjoy pollinating the crops, the strawberry patch and our gardens.  It's amazing what those little creatures can do!  Thanks to the bees for making such a great product!

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